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Ex Nihilo

An ancient Greek philosopher, Parmenides, is credited with the phrase “Nothing comes from nothing,” or, in other words, things simply cannot come from unreasonable. 


But, the Scriptures reveal a picture of the incredible, indescribable power of our Creator. Children of God know that through Him, even things that seem impossible are entirely possible. In a Jewish text from the first century BC, the claim of Parmenides is refuted: I beseech you, my child, to look at the heaven and the earth and see everything that is in them, and recognize that God did not make them out of things that existed. Thus also mankind comes into being.” We stand in awe of our Creator who brings things from nothingness. He createdex nihilo,” or “out of nothing” (in Latin). He brings order to chaos, light to darkness, reason to disorder. And we worship Him, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—all of Whom were present in the work of Creation.

We stand in awe of our Creator who brings things from nothingness.

He created “ex nihilo,” or “out of nothing...” 

Our Response


What will your response this week be? When you find yourself in a place of darkness, perhaps when your eyes close at the end of the day, let your heart rest on the power and might of the only One who can bring something from nothing. Even when you feel surrounded by total darkness, and you cannot see how something good could come from what you see, the Creator of all things can make anything, and He needs nothing to do it.

A Prayer for This Week

Dear God, who in power called forth all of creation from nothing, instill in us the comfort and hope that comes from knowing You, the maker of all things. Nothing is outside of your control, and nothing rivals Your power. Guide us as we live in this world that You have made, among people whom You have made. Do not let us lose sight of the wonder of creation and Your incredible work in making it. When we find ourselves in darkness—spiritual, emotional, or physical darkness—help us remember to look to You for light. In Jesus’s holy and precious name. Amen

Creation Day 1, Part 1

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

– iBIBLE Chapter 1


Scripture reference: Genesis 1:1–2


Can you imagine the dark, deep nothingness of nothing at all?


In the beginning, there was no matter. No light. No sound. No space. Even time did not exist before God chose to create it. As inconceivable as pure nothingness is, God reveals the state of things before He began creating the universe and everything in it by saying it was “without form,” “void,” and “dark.”

Even time did not exist before God chose to create it.

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